Special Generation 【English Fandub~Nakahara Hikari】
Okay I know doing an English fandub may offend a few fans but I tried to keep it close to the original lyrics. I really don't think they are talking about the same guy through out the whole song. xD This song took me a total of a half-hour to write. I put subtitles in the song but I will also put the lyrics here. If for some reason someone wants to use these lyrics go ahead as long as you give me credit. Yes I know I the pitch is wrong but I changed it because it made my voice fit the song better and since it is an English version though I could change it up a little bit.

Note about the lyrics:

"With her many pieces jewelry"- now due to wording and timing I couldn't get exactly what I wanted in there. The way I want this line to be interpreted is by her having so much jewelery she looks like a materialistic kind of girl or a girl who only wants a man for his money.

Special Generation
English lyrics by Nakahara Hikari

With every question I
Ask you, you irritate me
Youre always making excuses

If you want her then go get her
Just stop trying to lie to me

What kind of guy is attracted to someone like her?
A girl who looks the way she does
With her many pieces of jewelry

Please promise me that you will be truthful to me now
I just need you to tell me that you will always love me and only me
Say it right now

Special Generation Love
Tell me that you believe in our future
No matter how much time has passed
I dont want this love to fade away

Special Generation Love
I cant hate you after all that weve been through
To keep us alive all I need from you
Is for you to, say you love me

We dont really do Any-
-thing when were together
You just sit down and watch TV
If I dont take the lead then our
Relationship wont move forward

I wont be like other girls that youve been with before
Who never tell you how they feel
I am tired of playing these games with you

I know that everyone will be surprised by our love, yes
A love that is so passionate and caring between you and me, so I
Hold on my love

Special Generation Love
I wont be lonely if I am with you
No matter how many cities we go through
I know that this love will never die

Special Generation Love
I cant, no I wont ever let you go
I want you to love me more and more each day
This place in my heart, youll always stay

Special Generation Love
I wont be lonely if I am with you
No matter how many cities we go through
I know that this love will never die

Special Generation Love
I cant, no I wont ever let you go
I want you to love me more and more each day
This place in my heart, youll always stay

High Pitch Mp3: www.4shared.com/file/119202576...

Original Pitch Mp3: http://www.4shared.com/file/119202571...

I do own the lyrics because I made them. *insert triumphant laugh here* but that is it.

New Layout
I am still in the process of changing my layout. I am trying to make one myself but it's proving harder than I thought it would be. However, I know I can do it. Till then I will use this one.

I want to make the layout with the focal point being this picture. img194.imageshack.us/img194/6838/atlantisbyiribel.jpg

I'm really behind on posting my fandubs here and it will take forever to post them all. I don't have the time nor the patience. So from this journal on I will be posting only fandubs done after this date. (July 7, 2009).  Except for my most recent one. I got to do a dub for a project I am sure I wasn't in the last time I was here and I wanted to post it here.

That's not the Shape of my Heart
Okay so ever since I saw X-men: Origins Wolverine my love for Gambit and Rogue returned. Now a while back I said my OTP was Ryro (Pyro/Rogue) but that's movie verse of X-men. X-men Universe over all Romy (Gambit/Rogue) wins hands down. I adore that pairing. So anyway, since Gambit was introduced to the movies, I wanted to make a fanvid. I would have done it before but
A.  I didn't have a good video mixing program and
B. I didn't know who to put as Gambit.

So since Taylor Kitsch was casted and I got a video mixing program I finally got of my butt and made a fanvid for the first time in like EVER!!
I even had a story for it. So here ya go. =3 All the video info is behind the cut.

That's not the shape of my heartCollapse )

Getting to know Hii-chan
All about moiCollapse )


Hi! My name is Hikari Nakahara and I am a groupdubber. Hikari isn't my real name, it's my stage name. I can't really give out my real name now can I?

Anyway, about Mid-July of last year I started groupdubbing and since then I have become part of many group dubbing projects. I mostly dub Hello!Project songs by groups like Berryz Koubou, C-ute, Morning Musume, Mini Moni and many of their other groups. I also do AKB48 songs and some Hey!Say!Jump! songs. Though my main language to sing in is Japanese, I am in the process of learning to sing in Korean and Chinese. But like I said, I am in the process learning those languages so I still kinda suck.

When in these projects you are either assigned a person in those groups or the lyrics are color-coded. You are usually casted as the person you sound like. So I've decided to list who I have sung as in each group.

Berryz Koubou
Natsuyaki Miyabi-I am usually cast as her.
Sugaya Risako-I have only been cast as her once or twice
Tsugunaga Momoko-I have been casted as her at least 3 times but not very often
Kumai Yurina-I have been casted as her quite a few times but again not that often
Sudou Maasa-I am also casted as her pretty often
Tokunaga Chinami-I have only been casted as her once.
Shimizu Saki-I have been casted as her twice

Yajima Maimi-I am sometimes casted as her
Umeda Erika-I am often casted as her
Okai Chisato-I have been casted as her once

Morning Musume
Takahashi Ai-Sometimes casted as her
Tanaka Reina
Yaguchi Mari
Yoshizawa Hitomi-Usually casted as her
Ogawa Makoto

W (Double U)
Kago Ai- was casted as her in the first dub I was ever in
Tsuji Nozomi- I have just recently been casted as her

In AKB48 groupdubs the songs are usually color-coded because there are so many people in their songs that it would be too hard to cast everyone or the lyrics are unfair. I prefer if dubs are done this way since the lines aren't always distributed evenly between each person in the original song.

I love groupdubbing and I have made so many friends with it. It does take up a lot of my free time with recording lines but it is all worth it when the final product comes out.

My whole point with this journal is to post my groupdubs to share them with everyone. Your feedback would be nice as well, we are always looking for ways to improve ourselves and without your feedback we can't really fix our mistakes.
I hope to make lots of friends here.



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